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Shot on location in Fairbanks, Alaska - February, 2015

I'm so thrilled to share the astounding beauty of one of Nature's great gifts in Awake

A year ago I had this crazy idea to take a trip to Alaska in the middle of winter. Most people thought I was nuts until they saw the magical Northern Lights photography I captured in my time lapse film, Technicolour Alaska. That film has been seen by well over 350K people, has been featured at several film festivals in the past year and was published in National Geographic's Short Film Showcase in January, 2015. Mind-blowing. 

As I've connected with more and more people over the internet in the past year, I have realized just how many folks don't have the luxury of seeing these kinds of sights for themselves. It inspires me to get out more, see more, share more, and [hopefully] make more people feel like they were transcended to another place, if only for a moment or two.

And so I decided to do that winter trip to Fairbanks, Alaska again this year so that I could share more Aurora Borealis magic. I headed out for the President's Day long weekend in February and stayed in a lodge out of town so that I was closer to darkness and closer to solitude. The forecast for my 4 nights there was awful...cloud, snow, rain...everything except clear skies. Night one lived up to it's unsatisfying promise and was what I refer to as a cloud-swamp - not a light in sight. The second night was better than expected  - the lights were out and proud and I ended the night with around 45 seconds worth of footage. A good start but I needed a lot more over the next couple of nights. Unfortunately, night 3 was entirely overcast and with only one night left for me to shoot, I had pretty much written off being able to make a second time lapse film. It's rare that pessimism gets me what I want but my last night was nothing short of electric...the best storm I've ever seen lit-up the sky for hours on hours, lights dancing and spinning in every direction...this was a game-changer. I stood outside for 7 hours - shooting and gazing in awe at the orchestral dance above and around me before bolting to the airport for a 6am flight home. "Awake" is the result. 

The title for this film actually means many things but most importantly it represents the feeling I get when I'm standing beneath the Aurora... more awake, more alive, entirely captivated. It's hard to describe with words. I hope my visual interpretation portrays that feeling. 

People ask me if I'm going to make the trip to Alaska an annual event. There is, without question, a piece of my heart tucked away in the wild wintery Alaskan tundra. This film is how I see this very special part of the world. Thanks, Alaska. Yes, I will see you again soon! 

I really hope you enjoy it!

For photos from the film, please visit my Alaska Image Gallery


Photography and Film By Alexis Coram

Music Composed By James Everingham - JamesEveringham.com


Thanks to Macgroup / Induro Tripods for the support. 

Thanks to Sirius Sled Dogs, Mount Aurora Lodge, and Ronn Murray for your hospitality! 

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